PTC Laboratory

‘’Product safety is the benchmark of our quality’’


We practise this principle at PTC.

To guarantee the consistently high quality and top product safety of our products, we want to supplement with internal investigations the investigations that are conducted regularly in external, accredited laboratories.

Specifically for this purpose, PTC is constructing a laboratory for analysis and quality assurance on the Kempen site.
The laboratory, which is currently already in the planning phase, will begin operation already at the start of 2018 and it will include chemical and molecular biological as well as microbiological processes.

To guarantee precise execution of the test processes, the latest analysis as well as sample preparation and processing devices are available to us in a laboratory area of around 100 m2.

As such, the technology of bioelectrical impedance (BI) measuring is used to analyse microbiological contaminants – a state-of-the-art process that is compliant with DIN.
Chemical residues are analysed with the use of various chromatographic and spectroscopic technologies such as HPLC and GC-MS as well as AAS – here too, certified devices in line with the current technology are used.

In future, our methods and test processes will be certified and confirmed through regular participation in ring trials as well as assessment by accredited laboratories, to ensure the analytical reliability of results.

We are aware of our responsibility to the consumer and therefore make a valuable contribution to the preservation and improvement of safety and quality.

Our quality – your confidence.


Sebastian Moeser

Head of Analytics, Research & Development

+49 (0) 2152 91054 200