Thunnus albacares

An oceanic species occurring below the thermoclines. Pelagic in open water, but rarely seen near reefs .They school primarily by size, either in monospecific or multi-species groups. Larger fish frequently school with porpoises, also associated with floating debris and other objects. Feed on fishes, crustaceans and squids. It is sensitive to low concentrations of oxygen and therefore is not usually caught below 250m in the tropics. Peak spawning occurs during the summer, in batches. Marketed mainly frozen and canned, but also fresh and smoked. Highly valued for sashimi.

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  • NameNameDE

    Yellowfin Tuna
  • Depth rangeDepth rangeDE

    10-200 M
  • Common lengthCommon lengthDE

    60-120 CM
  • Common weightCommon weightDE

    20-60 KG
Yellowfin Tuna