Stizostedion lucioperca

Spawn in pairs at dawn or night. Spawning occurs in April-May, exceptionally from late February until July, depending on latitude and altitude when temperatures reach 10-14 °C on spawning grounds Popularly fi shed by sport fishers. Its flesh is succulent. Processed fresh orfrozen and consumed steamed, broiled, fried and microwaved. Pike Perch is one off the biggest freshwater fish spicies in Europe. Product is caught in Estonia, Russia and Kazachstan. There is a quality difference between summer and winter product this is because of the seasonal infl uences.

This fish have is own taste and is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

PTC can offer this product in portions and fillets in various sizes.

  • NameNameDE

    Pike Perch
  • Depth rangeDepth rangeDE

    3 - 10 m.
  • Common lengthCommon lengthDE

    50 - 60 cm.
  • Common weightCommon weightDE

    1 - 2 kg.
Pike Perch