Gadus macrocephalus

Found mainly along the continental shelf and upper slopes. They appear to be indiscriminate predators upon dominant food organisms present. Young probably feed on copepods and similar organisms. Adults feed on fishes, octopi, and large benthic and benthopelagic crustaceans; also worms. Marketed fresh and frozen for human consumption, and also dried or salted and smoked. Eaten steamed, fried, broiled, boiled, micro-waved and baked. Product is sustainable and MSC certified.
Pacific cod is caught in the North Pacific: Yellow Sea to the Bering Strait, along the Aleutians, and south to Los Angeles, USA. Rare in the southern part of its range.

  • NameNameDE

    Pacific Cod
  • Depth rangeDepth rangeDE

    20-500 M
  • Common lengthCommon lengthDE

    40-80 CM
  • Common weightCommon weightDE

    2-4 KG
Pacific Cod