Mizuhopecten Yessoensis

Typically product is sold as roe off scallop meat; in fresh form they are commonly
packed in cups.

Scallops can be served in many ways, as fresh (sashimi), fried, steamed or marinated. Popular way of preparing scallops is frying in shallow very hot fat on both sides for a
short time to achieve crispy brownish surface on outside and sucullent, a little sweet core of the meat.

We are buying and harvesting all commercial species. Production is done mainly in the country of origin, but we also produce this in our plant in Bremerhaven, Serbia and Cambodia. PTC offers scallops in a huge range of species.

  • NameNameDE

    Japanese Scallops
  • Depth rangeDepth rangeDE

    10 - 100 m.
  • Common lengthCommon lengthDE

    10 cm.
  • Common weightCommon weightDE

    60 - 300g.
Japanese Scallops